The collection was inspired by the golden age of hip hop, which gained a lot of popularity and notoriety in the 90’s. The music scene was eclectic and experimental with musicians such as the Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie), who would become the muse for the collection. The collection worked to capture the persona of Biggie’s abrasive attitude, and his larger than life ego. The collection chose to incorporate another element into the collection, something that would clash but also add to the aesthetic. The 1940’s Zoot Suit was a very intriguing style that showcased these amazing flamboyant silhouette shapes unique to men’s tailoring. Together combined the collection displayed homage to both eras of music and fashion. Though the experimentation of quirky prints, effortless sophistication and extravagant silhouettes. It was the story of Biggie reliving his life in the 1940’s.

The Zoot Suit was a direct reference to American jazz singer and dancer Cab Calloway, in order to achieve the unique shaping of the trouser, it required lots of trial and error. The Zoot trouser really had to embody Calloway though the exaggeration of volume in the trouser, paired with extreme dropped crotch and a high waisted waistband.

Patent leathers and oversized puffers played on the portrayal of Biggies attitude and characteristic proportions.