Arabesque is a six-piece accessories collection inspired by the role Muslim & Arab women play within their society. The collection delves deep into the suppressed identity and individuality of these women, making them invisible to society at large. Within her senior thesis, Amineh sought to explore the meaning of modesty for Arab-American women today with hopes to empower women so that their stories may be heard. The collection explores the relationship between religion and culture, and seeks to explain how accessories can be used as a tool to guide, shape and mold a person’s behaviour and identity.

Ahmad designed her collection to focus on the relationship of the accessory to the woman’s body. The collection consists of handbags, body pieces, and footwear that all represent a Muslim-Arab woman’s identity within her society today. Ahmad incorporates her modern interpretation of a traditional arabesque pattern to allude to the cultural and religious identities of these women. The accessories contain elements of transformation that can be perceived as a form of protection for the body. The pieces allude to the fluid shape of the woman’s body in order to transform the idea of modesty today. Within her collection, Ahmad sought to allow the woman the decision of how to interact with each accessory so that it may transform her identity.

The collection combines elements of culture and religion to explore the relationship between the woman and her body. Amineh designs with the woman’s body as her first source of inspiration as she builds the relationship between the body and accessory. Each piece questions the idea of functionality to allow the woman the ability to translate the piece to fit her identity. Ultimately, the accessories allow the wearer the ability to make the final decision in how they portray themselves.