Initially inspired by magic and the occult, while exploring the supernatural Amreace’s interest for the collection delved deeper and more specifically into oddities and curios found in ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ after visiting wonder-rooms around London and Paris. It was from these wonder-rooms that Amreace found her main source of visual inspiration for her detailed motifs and went from drawing poisonous flora and taxidermy fauna from books to drawing preserved, double-headed pig mutations and jars containing unknown animal foetus’.

Drawing/ painting was a major focal point for the collection, Amreace begun by doing digital fineliner drawings with dotwork shading however when this was not providing the amount of depth necessary to produce a captivating collection she decided to introduce oil painted motifs and then went on to use gouache in addition to this. Combining both linework and paintings to create designs that flow well was challenging at first however the challenge was soon overcome with success. It is through the macabre aesthetic, rich colours and most importantly the edginess the details within the prints provide that makes the collection stand out. Amreace has taken uncommon and quite frankly uncomfortable subject matters you wouldn’t imagine seeing in shop windows and through the use of oil painting, dotwork drawings and digital design has made these disturbing subjects not only wearable but fashionable. The collection includes 32 designs, consisting of 18 square 80x80cm scarf designs, 4 long 31 x 135cm scarf designs and 10 complimentary prints in technical repeat, all digitally printed on silk twill, silk satin and silk georgette.

Partner prints in technical repeat printed on silk georgette and silk satin. Prints were designed to work along side or separately to each silk scarf design re-using drawn imagery to create repeat patterns ideal for blouses, skirts, jackets, etc.