Amruta Behera’s collection was heavily inspired by her experiences of having a global upbringing. The collection explores virtual connections formed through the digital world. An era where communication relies on technology for connections, and the line between the online world and the real world is blurred, this collection is inspired by the conversation between humans and the digital world. ‘Connection Loading’ explores virtual connections and the idea that ‘As humans become more digital, technology becomes more human.’

Through the juxtaposition of voluminous silhouettes with sharp construction details, each look showcases the conversation between humans and the digital world. A high contrast colour palette is combined with monochromatic barcode prints that are generated from my family’s names as they are my strongest relationship maintained virtually. Each piece is branded with a scannable QR code, when scanned says ‘Made my Amruta Behera.’, giving it a personalized touch showing the importance of the digital world in my life. With social distancing becoming the new normal, now more than ever, the virtual relationships we form in the digital world will have an impact on who we are and who become.

Each look focuses on tailored finishing techniques that can be interchanged and recombined to be worn together. The collection has a Fall/ Winter focus with silhouettes consisting of outwear apparel. The collection is about streetwear, comfort and a ‘classy vibe’ coming together. The pieces have elements of drawstrings combined with shirting details such as collars and plackets that further emphasize the conversation between humans and the virtual world.

Living and growing up across 11 cities and 7 countries, each new country and city acted as inspiration for my artwork. The clothes I create are trendy, wearable and functional. And that’s what makes me or will make anyone around me want to wear them. My clothes aren’t for one certain customer but for anyone that feels comfortable and will feel confident in them. My clothes are about connecting to a feeling and experience.