Amy Dinneen’s capsule collection ‘Ask the Cloths to Remeber’ was influenced by her return to Ireland after moving home due to the global pandemic. Like so many others, Amy had moved to New York straight after graduating in hopes of pursuing a career in fashion design. Unfortunately, that was dream was put on hold due to the COVID crisis, and so instead of waiting around for the world to slowly reopen again, she decided this time at home could be an opportunity itself. /div>

Taking inspirations from her childhood memories of summers spent down in the west coast of Ireland, along with Amy’s traditional Irish-Catholic upbringing and even excerpts from W.B Yeats’ poem “He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven”. For this collection, Amy also wanted sustainability to play a very prominent role, as it something she is very passionate about. Fortunately, she has her Grandmother, who very kindly donated all of her traditional Irish linen tablecloths too Amy. With each one enwrought with beautiful hand-sewn embroideries and embellishments, and even some dinner stains. Every cloth contained a story of its own, having lasted and remaining in such good condition for all these years.
Amy started the design process by draping the tablecloths on the mannequin stand. She began to allow each cloth move and naturally drape in the way that it wanted, rather than over designing into the cloth and over complicating the design process. She was also able to source some dead stock blue chiffon that complemented the white cloth and hand-dyed turmeric pieces.

This is Amy’s final collection line up. She was able to make and finish each piece, and even some additional accessories for the photoshoot. For this collection, Amy also wanted to have at least one garment to have some form of transformability function, as the purpose of this collection was to have a sustainable approach. So, instead of one top (no.4), she went onto detail the transformable garment so that it can be worn in several ways. Thus creating versatility within a single garment.