Amy McCann’s collection was inspired by her dissertation, covering the issues behind the female form in the sense of how assessible plastic surgery is in the postmodern world. She explored the manipulation of the female form to encourage the 3Dimensional design which can be seen within the development of her final collection,  following a route of artistic and conventional design using mannequins to work on the stand and drape materials in order to grow the research she produced.

Throughout the design process of her final collection Amy pushed her illustrative skills to form a strong platform for development, her illustrations allowed the silhouettes of her collection to come to life through the sense of oversized and commanding shapes. The inspiration she worked from encourages the feminine, organic shapes which she has achieved through her design development work- as a designer Amy is inspired by luxury, well crafted and highly manipulated fabrics which can all be seen in her final images. Continuing initial research of her design process, she explored ways in which modern fastenings and finishes can be incorporated to give edge on the femininity.

Her collections boasts oversized, elongated and commanding shapes, with a strong direction towards an elegant womenswear market. Although her collection is worked up in complimenting pink tones she has worked the rich cashmere yarns in a way which gives drenches her collection in expense, each tone from her palette excels the contortion of fabric through the hand manipulation and the puckering formed through piercing the delicate knitwear.