Merging fashion and illustration, Amy’s collection tells a narrative through surface pattern elements that can be interpreted and told in multiple different ways dependent on the interpreter. Responding to this by using a personal illustrative style to create stories within the garments based upon a primary research project creating a narrative based upon views of beauty; questioning what beauty can be defined as and how stereo types can effect perceptions in society, challenging and encouraging difference.

A personal call out inspired the creation of characters, based upon stereotypical views of ugliness and differentiation; using character as icons that the audience can relate to as they are the ‘normal’ view of beauty. Informing the characters through design brings the illustrations into a 3D form; responding to emerging fashion trends by communicating a narrative in one’s own scale.

Creating narrative within fashion aims to successfully tell a story, connecting with an audience and creating personal relationships between the designer and consumer. A consumer would want to buy into the collection due to the initial relationship made, by creating iconic characters allows them to become part of the community and story. Using narratives from the world around builds relationships with different audiences, addressing issues and values allowing the wearer to express issues they connect to through clothing. The personal nature of the hand rendered illustrative pieces also gives a luxury element to the pieces being unique and one offs adding value and personal relationship to each product.

Inspired by illustrative designers Amy managed to create her own collection merging fashion design and illustration. Claire Barrow and Shrimps are the main influences to this collection, along side illustrator Frida Wannaberger.

Exploring womenswear design and accessories, Amy’s collection focuses on illustrative details throughout the design and development process. Creating garments that relate to each character in a 3D way. Buying into these characters through accessories; the accessories are the diffusion pieces of the large scale illustrative characters, representing them and their form of beauty individually. Selecting feminine fabrics, colours and designs to emphasis the idea of beauty, creating ugly drawings on beautiful pieces.