Anastasia Bull’s work is about the fulfilment of fantasy and the exposition of body and soul as a means of increasing self-love. Self-love is not to be understood in a negative way, but as a necessity to enrich yourself and your environment considerably and thus to have a positive influence on our resentful society. Anastasia Bull likes to play with the idea of a utopian world in which perfect harmony prevails. It should be a place marked by abundance, richness and opulence. The individual human being can exist in it as the best version of themselves. Let us bathe in opulence!

Her collections constantly explore a way to create utopian world in an opulent and colourful way. Anastasia likes to work with shiny materials, prints and pleats. She also creates her own accessories such as gloves, bags, shoes and jewellery and likes to work with the mix and blending of make up, accessories and clothing.

With the help of styling and collages Anastasia creates voluminous silhouettes. With first mock ups silhouettes are checked and then refined and developed further.  The process of designing is a back and forth for Anastasia. Often there are modifications until the very end. An important aspect of Anastasia's work is opulence. Sourcing inspiration from both historical costume design and modern glam scene, her work dives deep into the subconscious to enhance the wearer’s personal strength allowing the true personality to arise. Anastasia’s approach is highly constructive and involves a very unique ‘conversation’ with the fabric itself.