Peruvian designer Andrea Jose strives to transform the way we see the resourcing and production of jewellery.

Working in social development with mining projects whilst learning jewellery techniques with master artisans at a young age, the particularly male dominated mining industry inspired and motivated her to value the work of strong female community leaders. From these diverse experiences, that forged her professional life, she celebrates the value of a reciprocal approach within the jewellery system.

her collections embed the values of heritage, authenticity and craftsmanship explored through textile objects.

The key themes of her work are centered in a constant search of what is her identity as a Peruvian in a digitalised era. Using acontemporary approach towads the use of ancient textiles, Andrea Jose ‘wrapped’ pieces are a bespoke luxury. Through her circular economies approach she aims to lead Peru towards becoming the melting pot of ethical jewellery.