Anna Chalmers’ graduate transformative collection was influenced by Anna’s Italian heritage and various trips to Italy. When touring religious buildings, it was difficult dressing for the strong heat as well as dressing modestly to tour said buildings as shoulders and knees must be covered. By creating a transformative collection it allows for this struggle to be solved where a garment you are wearing can be instantly changed into another. Not only is the collection directed at wearing for religious visits, it is also aimed at multiple situations where women may want to change their outfit without the need of physically changing what they are wearing - for example, day wear to nightwear. The design and concept of this collection is also aimed at wearers who are looking for sustainable garments with longevity properties. By creating a two-in-one garment, it allows for the wearer to style it multiple ways which creates further needs for garments like this in the industry.

Inspiration has been taken from the Vatican in terms of design features, colours and shapes which has become a main focal point for the collection. Anna curated images of the Vatican and found certain elements of the cathedral which sparked her inspiration. By drawing these elements creates for creative response in her work, suggesting the areas where her inspiration initiated and how these can be taken further in her collection.

Anna further explored the inspiration that was taken from her research and worked towards designing fabric prints and motifs from previous drawings. The fabric print that she created shows the prominent colours visible in the famous cathedral - drawn in a watercolour effect to mimic the style of artwork painted throughout the church. The colours used throughout the collection have been inspired by the renaissance artwork and stained glass seen inside the building. Likewise, the neutral colour used is inspired from the sculptures and architecture.

This is Anna’s final collection line up. Anna designed a collection curating of 6 outfits however, due to COVID-19 and home working, she created 2 of the outfits in her collection - looks three and six. The first line-up shows the garments as exposed outfits whereas the second line-up displays each outfit transformed into the modest look where skin is covered and is less revealing. The collection is designed to be made from both 100% Bamboo and Silk fabrics where sustainability is a key factor in the creation of this collection. Both have many positive properties where they feel lightweight and soft on the skin. Bamboo especially is perfect as it is thermal regulating, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial. The neutral Bamboo fabric that is be used has been upcycled from bedding, highlighting the importance of sustainability by repurposing and reconstructing products and giving them a new life. The fabric print is printed on Silk fabric.

Here Anna shows her final illustrations of her chosen outfits from her transformative collection. With the illustrations side by side, it clearly shows the different styles that can be worn from one outfit alone and how they transform into covering the skin whilst remaining contemporary as everyday wear. By using lightweight, breathable fabrics, it will allow for the garments to drape nicely, creating flowy shapes and loose fits for the wearer.