Anna Lowe’s collection was inspired heavily by female fighters and protectors from the past and present, whilst including family references. During the summer she visited the Women’s library, Museum of London and the Imperial War Museum for initial research, and went through family photos. Structured uniforms, pleated skirts, draping and volume were all key links she found between her various points of research. This inspired Lowe to create a womenswear collection exploring tailoring and draping to create empowering garments.

During the process of combining traditional tailoring with draping, Lowe developed her tailored womenswear range by merging different fabrics such as venetian wool satin with flowing silk georgette and silk de chine, experimenting with strong structure and feminity. For the collection, Lowe designed two bag belts to show a play on utility and modernity. By incorporating volume and draping with structure, Lowe truly mixed the links between her points of research to represent strength throughout history.

The collection has a unified theme, yet each piece comes with a different recombination of unconventional and traditional pattern cutting, pushing the boundaries of tailoring. Lowe's designs tell a story of how fashion pieces can bring a positive message to women, to people. They symbolise strength, unity, togetherness and empowerment, presenting a powerful message. The resulting end products demonstrate the mix of historical and contemporary research, through the use of colour, silhouette and fabrics.