Anna Melegh's collection was inspired by recent studies and childhood memories with the connection of nature and insects. ‘I’m fascinated by the natural world, in particular varieties of bugs, butterflies and the habits they live in. Her collection was influenced by recent studies about the possibility of the insect's extinction, leading to a catastrophic collapse of nature's ecosystems. She believes fashion have the power to highlight various issues, and her goal is to raise awareness of the conservation of the natural world.

Insects are mainly threatened by the vast amount of pesticides (Rachel Carson - Silent Spring), diseases, climate change and environmental disasters just like the burn of the Amazon rainforest which may house as many as 2.5 million species of insects and over 90% of the animal species in the Amazon are insects. And only a tiny fraction of this number have been described by scientist. The surface and shapes of insects heavily inspired her design development pages. She started with the shape of the feet and turned into a geometric last design, influenced by beetles. Her shoe last and soles were custom made.

Over the summer, Anna visited Iceland and its only tannery which is focused on producing fish leather in an environmentally friendly way. Anna was experimenting creating fish leather at home from waste which she got from the local fishmonger. Several experiments were done by using salmon skin with various tanning methods with bark, green tea, rhubarb roots and beetroots. Her final design will be made out partially fish leather to mimic the surface of insects.