Anna Pettenuzzo, born in Este in 1995 is a product, footwear and accessories designer graduated in product design from Politecnico di Milano in 2017. In 2017 she also attended the FHP in Potsdam (Berlin) for 6 months thanks to the Erasmus project, developing the thesis with Francesco Lucchese in Milan.

She is fascinated by leather and the opportunities with it, love pushing the boundaries and making a design alive. In her final collection, she was looking for an alternative material, which is biodegradable and a forgotten technique possibly could freshen up the industry and find a solution for certain waste materials.

In 2020 she graduated from Polimoda basing her final collection on the meaning of the “self”, focusing her research on the crisis of the identity. Anna is fascinated by the human psyche, how it can modify the rational vision of life and of oneself; the final collection, EGO, is born from a psychic condition called dysmorphophobia.