This collection is not inspired by trends and aesthetics. This collection is inspired by people and materials to shift the focus towards a more conscious fashion identity. The design process demands creativity and strategic thinking of fashion designer who are trained to focus on aesthetics. They have an essential role and their power of decision-making need to support a sustainable future. Collaborating across disciplines challenges designer to think beyond the fashion design process as we know it. This collection is based on three diverse collaborations which discover a variety of pathways that lead to garments with value and quality. Those individual concepts, joint together, celebrate the diversity of materials and craftmanship. The idea of ANNA MEETS X shows anything goes and the nature of fashion is to interact with each other to worship what is surrounding us.

Concept #1: Crafty constructions mixing knitting techniques with crochet and patchwork In the first collaboration the focus in on traditional crafts including knitting and crochet which pattern inspired the hand-crafted elements and artisanal techniques. The gaining relevance in this project is the individuality of the domestic knitting, which explores the different textures in the details that are the key to give the designs an interesting quality.

Concept #2: Repurposing garments and textile manipulation for longevity The second project draws inspiration from the collaboration with the watchmaker and the repair service attached to the product. This collaboration transferred the concept of disassembling and surface manipulation to fashion. The idea is to transform details with new finishes and explore the act of repurposing garments. Textural and crafts surface are applied to classical shapes to get a nnew interpretation of the utility look and relaxed tailoring.

Concept #3: The garment as communication tool to share our values The third project collaborates with artists to build a message about sustainability communicated through garments. Prints and graphics explore the bonding between the work process and the audience. Textural surfaces creating aesthetics that attracts conscious consumerism. The idea is to disrupt the digital with analogue and transform design with natural textures and hand-rendered techniques. It is invested in sustainable dye technologies and print techniques with low environmental impact. Inspiration is drawn from the interview with the social media artist and the strength to communicate only visually.

Upcycled vintage pieces work with a sustainable focus, adding panels to create a contrast that will appeal timeless and elegant. The materials, including all fabrics and yarns, for the diverse collaborations are deadstock from diverse fashion brands and maker spaces. For the second collaboration incorrect materials with stains and damages were reworked and pieces of unwanted garments were redesigned.