Ann is opening up her romanticized vision of the ‘90s to capture a saturated notion of reality. This collection has been created for the past that never happened.

She is drawn to the icons and symbols of the decade. The oppression of pop culture translates into crumpled shapes and constructions. A line of bags has been inspired by the soda can from the iconic Pepsi commercial with Cindy Crawford in 1992. The motion of the lid animates the opening of the bag above and the adjustment system on the bag below.

With the following bags, the crumbled shapes were created in an orderly manner. Anna guided a strip of leather between the outside layer and the lining to pull the material and create a natural fluidity.

The bags were developed through initial sketches and mock-ups made with a material called 'non-tissu’. This material resembles the density of leather, it provides a clear idea of how the leather would react and form. Throughout the process, Anna drew technical files and renderings to explain the construction and communicate the final products.

The prototypes of the bags are made from lamb or calf leather. The finishing of the skins are slightly textured but still matte and delicate. The materials and the colours were chosen to evoke a saturated, feminine aesthetic.

Later on, she questioned the concept of the crumpling act, how any action has an equal and opposite reaction. She recalls the opposite reaction in these last two handbags. How the construction rises when the bags are held?