Anna Taylor’s graduate collection ‘False Identity’, has further explored and researched why young people appear to be so scared to be unique and of growing old, desiring to implant chemicals and silicone into their unique organic form, to conform to what media and Influencer’s dictate is beautiful. Anna wanted to create a collection that both experimented with colour and geometric shaped patchwork as well as showing off her print design style. Her colour palette for her final collection is based around colours found in post-operative bruising and bursts of bright colours.

The cutting and stitching “patching up” of the surgical procedure were reflected in the patchwork garments within Annas collection. Annas screen printed check and the grid within the ripstop represents surgical measurements. Initially Anna designed her patchwork to be printed but after sampling the print was lost and was unsuccessful. She then created the look through patchwork pieces individually sewn together. However the jumpsuit design and printing was successful.

After creating hand drawn prints or patchwork, Anna found it useful in placing these prints and patchworks onto her designs, experimenting with these together to help balance the contrast of block colour, unique hand drawn patterns and geomatic shapes. She also found this process useful as samples were either screen printed, digitally printed or patched worked with neon cover stitch to give detail. It allowed Anna to gain full insight of what the final collection would look and feel like.

Design development led Anna to exploring different shapes and silhouettes from her research where some cosmetic procedures have gone wrong. Focusing on breast augmentation as this is a current popular trend in young women.



This is Anna’s final collection line up. Due to the corona virus pandemic, Anna was only able to create looks one and two of her collection and would have loved to have seen the rest of her collection come to life. The rest of the collection would of predominately be constructed out of polyester ripstop and neoprene and hand created patchwork with digital printed lycra, with cover stitch detailing. Anna’s illustrated final line up collection has been made to look over sized and emphasized to represent her theme of cosmetic procedures and current social media trends.