Fully sustainable womenswear, made with towels found at Annabelle Howard’s family home. From hotels they visited as kids in Majorca, to the ones they take to Southport beach. Incorporating wellness in clothing, they are highly comfortable and have a cool aesthetic.

She would say her clothes feel nostalgic, but it is not too sickly. Annabelle is inspired by all aspects of her town. From pontins and the mecca bingo being the only person stood on the beach for miles and miles being surrounded by beauty. At times it is not the best of places, but her year out and lockdown especially has made her appreciate growing up here.

Some of the pieces are created with more ‘personal’ towels which are included in Annabelle’s sketchbook as scans of the fabric, with the holiday pictures collaged on. Some towel’s have been donated, along with some she bought on eBay.

It was important to her that everything was wearable, so its actually sustainable, although sustainability was never the main focus of her project. It is more about the feeling and mood she wants to create. If fabric she is using has a life before the clothes that she has turned them into, that is even better.