Anne Elisabeth F Marthinsen was initially inspired from the telling of Dorian Gray. The story is based on a young handsome man who gets a portrait painted of himself. He wishes he could look like this forever, and his wish comes true. As years go by, he stays young and attractive. During these years the man in the portrait becomes older and older. She was heavily inspired by compost, mold, fungus and the fact that nature is renewable.

The inspiration moved into a concept by looking into natural dyeing and introducing this as one of the main elements in addition to using 100% natural fibres, mainly fine wool and silk. For this collection she focused of making natural dye to fit her inspiration. All garments are made of 100% natural dye and the prints are made of dried and fresh plants. The sense for nature is expressed in details shaped as flower petals and the clean, feminine design.

Her collection is romantic, feminine and fragile. In many ways Marthinsen has combined both nature and environment in a similar way. Her collection is mainly directed towards youthful women who has passion for the environment and expressing the same wearing feminine designs. The idea of using natural dyes is cross cultural and can easily be adapted to express different themes.