The stunning collection of homegrown designer is set to premier soon

It is incredibly important to support home grown products and projects. Especially in the fashion industry. The problem is with so few local brands making us take notice of them, our money always goes to international big brands instead. But every once in a while, a beautiful Egyptian product demands our full attention, and when it's worth that attention we gladly give it.

Voyage Aux Bords Du Nil 1940 is the introductory collection of Egyptian fashion designer, Anne Marie K. And it's sure got our attention. The fashion line attempts to revive Egyptian style as it brings our values to the western world, by illuminating Egyptian customs and art, incorporating it within the fabrics and colours of the clothing. What's even more captivating is the fact that each distinctive piece adopts colours from the beautiful Egyptian landscapes.

Each idea is inspired and developed from a technique that is still pursued by Egyptian women; such as tulle bel telli, tent-making, glass-blowing, sadaf jewellery box making, and fishnets.

“My collection is the tale of a cosmopolitan, cultured woman who is taking a journey down the Nile River. As she travels, she stops in different cities, and consumes the cultures she encounters; making every outfit she wears a window to cities that are not fully explored by the West... nor by Egyptians themselves,” said Anne Marie K.

Proliferation in our domestic manufacturing will only futher benefit Egypt as we continue to work in hopes of one day progressing to the point where foreigners are purchasing Egyptian made products, and not the other way around.