Aoi Niikuni’s brand concept is ‘ PLUS WIT ‘.
It looks like ordinary clothes but they have small tricks. Moreover, it’s important that it is not too eccentric. Aoi wants to design what everyone can wear comfortably. Aoi suggests the new female images by putting clothes on female models. However, Aoi has no interest in gender, so Aoi feels that it is different from unisex or genderless.
It is the most desirable that who wants to wear picks up the clothes. It is not men’s or women’s collection.
Suffice it to say that Aoi designs clothes for human.

This season theme is ‘intersection ‘.
Aoi has an interest dealing with an unsubstantial things as a theme for a while now. Intersection is defined in mathematics but it is nonexistent.
That ambiguity attracted Aoi to set this season theme. Intersection has various meanings therefore it is so attractive.