Qiqi Zhang’s collection was heavily inspired by her memorable experience of her visit to Kyoto in 2016, during the summer festival parade in Yasaka Shrine. The dancing Japanese women, dressed in kimonos with straw hats, and men in traditional Japanese outfits inspired Zhang to create a unisex collection exploring culture and movement. Transforming the traditional Japanese menswear into a more feminine style.

During the process of combining traditional menswear with modern streetwear, Zhang developed her streetwear range by merging different fabrics such as luxurious jacquard fabrics with rich stripe textures, representing the beauty and power of the movement of dancing. For this collection, Zhang has designed five different handmade bags to elevate each look to offer her collection additional characteristics. By incorporating traditional Japanese clothing Zhang merges East with West by showcasing hoodies with capes representing the straw hat in traditional Japanese outfits, she has successfully removed the boundary between contemporary and traditional wear.

The collection has a unified theme, yet each piece comes with a different recombination of unconventional pattern cutting and finishing. Zhang’s design tells a story of hw fashion pieces present a defined beauty and atmosphere, through the considered combination of fashion pieces and background. The resulting end products demonstrate the impression of the crash and fusion, between contemporary civilisation and eastern legacy.