Arneta Nathlya’s 3rd year collection ‘GROWTH’ was influenced by elements found in nature such as plants and fungi. Mainly, she took inspiration from ‘monstera obliqua’ leaves patterns and she included Kombucha leather which was based on the idea of fungi‘s growth. Arneta wanted to create a collection that both used texture and nature’s elements which show off her personal design style, as well as her love for embroidery and 3D structures. Her collection is based around a tonal colour palette reflecting the colours seen in nature.

She experimented on a half-scale mannequin to get inspiration for silhouettes and designs. She used collage, hand made textures and innovative structuring of fabrics. On this page, she tried to create 3D shape structure to represent her inspiration using metal wires hand sawn to the fabric. To make the garment looked more alive, she made more of these laser cut monstera fabric and put them together to create a pattern based on the plant. The monstera fabric was made using faux plastic leather that was repurposed.
This page shows the initial garment, after she combined the monstera fabric and the laced jumpsuit that was made by cutting laced embroidery and then arranging them on to tulle . The idea came from fungi and mushrooms that grown on trees, she wanted to represent the intimate relationship between the two through this garment. Through these processes, it allowed Arneta to gain full insight of her collection and the feel of nature as a garments.

This is Arneta’s final collection line up. Due to the corona virus pandemic, Arneta was only able to create looks one and three of her collection, and would of loved to see the rest of her collection come to life. The rest of the collection would of prodominately be constructed out of suede, organza, tulle and laced emboridery with elements of lasercut monstera fabric and Kombucha letaher. Arneta’s final line up illustrations have been made using organic and natural colour palette to make the garments look more fluid.