Arron Burton's design sensibility is linked through sensibility, order and aesethic. The identity is built around direction, non-season collections, suitable artifacts, and minimal detailing. Over the last 6 years, his work has been coordinated around memorabilia, sports equipment, and unconventional materials - being inspired by Luke Smalley and Santiago Sierra.

The key asset of his work is that you are not only purchasing garments you are buying into much more than a collection. The approach taken of producing non-seasonal collections is my way of creating garments as an investment and in a sustainable format. Throughout the years of study and industry experience, he has produced his own milieu of new design solutions. Building a new silhouette, fabrication, and identity at ARRONBURTON.STUDIO. In my world design should not be based on trends – a mixture of trial and error with carefully considered finishes and attention to detail. I prefer to think about personal investment and ensure there is a flow of timeless craftmanship throughout the design process, production and final execution. The main priority isn't to produce work which is predictable.