My graduation collection is called “Protest of Youth” and was influenced by Lithuanians history and their fighters spirit.Lithuanians are known as fighters. They are people who will protect things they believe in. People who will fight for their freedom - even if it means to stand in front of a tank without a gun.In 1991 at least 13 have been killed and more than 140 injured by the Soviet military in the capital of Lithuania as Moscow continued its crackdown on the Baltic republic and its drive for independence. Lithuanians faced death for their freedom peacefully standing in front of the war, but they saved their country. Even my family was killed because they resisted to give information about our country, they never gave up their beliefs.

This is where I am from and this strength in my blood makes me fight and stand for myself even in the small things. I fight for my dreams without need to prove anything to anyone. We do not need to prove our close-minded uncle that we are good designers and studying arts is not less important than studying law. We do not need to prove our mean classmates about our worth. We do not need to prove anything to anyone.

So, I am creating this collection for a person, she or him, who is like me – who would fight for themselves with a bit of class and edge. They’re young and passionate, full of love for the world, but with a bit of attitude in their blood. You will see them, and you will know - don’t mess with them. It’s full of colours and light fabrics mixed with the heavy ones to represent the youth which is combined with the lithuanian spirit – heavy leather materials and pictures of our beloved country.

To create shapes and to match heavy fabrics with the light ones I started with 3D stand work to quick sketches with first details on it. Started to mix chains with a colourful fur. To spice the collection up I am adding some print- ed notes, such as “don’t tell me what to do, I won’t tell you where to go” or “I am so tired of you all”.

This is the final collection line up. Due to corona virus pandemic, I was not able to finish my collection, but I made a 3D model which one represents one of the looks. Collection would be made from vegan colourful and basic leather due to silky fabrics full of colours and slangs to create a fighters spirit.