The label focuses on timeless garments that provide the wearer with the confidence they need, and carries an equally inspiring message: "seek balance in life, look at your true inner self and find peace with it, in order to find this peace we need to balance our exterior and interior self. Visual designs are very important but the philosophy behind the creation relates to a greater understanding of the world," explains Ruxin Deng.

AS USUAL is a shining example of how contemporary fashion brands stand out by seamlessly adapting to the everchanging market with their elegant designs and putting the team first. "We are an open team and never stop pushing progress and innovation. My biggest dream is that everybody in our wonderful team is happy with what they do and the brand they represent."

AS USUAL has previously graced the catwalk during Milan Fashion Week in 2019, dipping its toe into the European market, and has most recently joined the multi-service platform Fashion Crossover London, "Milan Fashion Week was just a start, it was great to see how the industry reacted and it gave me the passion to move forward and expand to the overseas markets. It was only until one of my friends recommended the platform Fashion Crossover London that I took the opportunity and started to expand our business overseas," says Ruxin Deng.

The pioneering female entrepeneur Ruxin Deng acts as a mentor and muse for her team, breaking down the barriers for women everywhere: "I want to place the credit where it is due, as everything is truly a group effort. I'm a feminist and believe womenhave more strength and fight harder for what we want." In the future, AS USUAL wants to highlight their rich heritage and roots with a collection focusing on the minorities inherent to China. "China has a very fascinating and rich history, yet the fashion industry has a long way to go. It isn't as mature compared to western countries and I believe, that as a designer of this generation I have the responsibility to expand the Chinese culture to the world. We don't want to limit ourselves to rather commercialised cultural references. We aim to delve deeper into the culture of Chinese minorities and give them a voice while shedding a light on their way of living through our designs," says Ruxin Deng.