Ashley Ho’s graduate collection ‘Year 3000’ is inspired by the future, the idea of what the future is going to be like by looking into how our present environment shapes and form our future. Ashley aims to discover the dystopian in a surreal matter. Ashley wanted to create a collection that explores metallic colours and illustrative woven techniques which showcases her personal design style, as well as her passion of the use of lurex.

Ashley’s research consists of a range of digital illustrations of ‘aliens’ based on a survey she sent out asking about people’s thoughts and opinion about what year 3000 is like, will human extinct? Will human become preys? What do they think how aliens look like and can human coexists with aliens? On top of that, not only Ashley created an abstract 3D sculpture mimicking a conceptual world but also morphed images that she took of London into evolved into a surreal world.

Ashley develops her designs digitally according to her weave set up while weaving test strips on the weaving loom before executing the final piece of fabric. She also experiments with other colour combinations based on her final collection's colour palette. Though colour is an important element, She also experiments with metal chains and its ability on a cello warp.

Her final collection is a series of woven pieces that are able to be scanned digitally and turned into NFTs, as well as a digital fabric that can be used in digital fashion. On top of that, the woven pieces are designed for accessories component for people to wear in year 3000.