Ashley Lloyd approach to the process of design is extensive. Each collection or garment made acquires precise research. Developing these notion and ideas further into forming colour, texture, style and most important to Lloyd and his brand Silhouette.

Research collated is brought forward to create the illustrations and working drawings behind the garments propelling the innovative, dream-like world forward. This is where the creativity begins, all images are posted on Lloyd’s design wall, where the development of his collections are continued.

This stage of the process is especially important as fabric choices will be finalised along with toile and sample developments. This helps to shape the world Ashley Lloyd creates with his collections. “It’s important for me to be able to visualise the process thoroughly, each element brought forward plays an important role throughout my designs; as for me, fashion is an art form and should be respected as such my work tells a vivid story and all the elements collated reflect that”. This notion of storytelling is carried throughout the design process of Lloyd’s work leading into his photoshoots, campaigns and visuals where the story is continued.