Aurélie Fontan’s collection TENSEGRITY reflects on the fashion industry’s tendency to create endless amounts of waste. Inspired by sustainable alternatives to synthetic fabrics, like bio-engineering, the sustainable fashion designer established her AW19 collection as a narrative for a more ethical fashion. She used various design strategies, that go from waste upcycling, to the reduction of waste and all the way to futuristic speculative design with the ultimate 100% biodegradable, compostable, plastic-free couture dress made of bacterias.

Drawing influences from biology and physics, Aurélie Fontan explores materials as an essential step in design, sourcing only recycled (cork, rubber), upcycled (cable ties and wool) and biodegradable fabrics. In an effort to reduce waste in the manufacturing process, that she builds as an ethical circular model, Aurélie invented her own plastic-free foiling method and waste-free laser cutting patterns. These processes, coupled with the sewing-free assembly construction of her garments, form the “technocraft” system. She uses the traditional couture craftsmanship from her Parisian roots, where each outfit is assembled by hand through cable ties, with disruptive technology to the service of sustainable fashion.

With most of the fabrics manufactured by hand from scratch, such as upcycled cable ties mesh, or copper coated embellishments, Aurélie Fontan creates beautifully crafted and unique luxury pieces that invite the wearer to cherish and keep them for longer. The whole collection can be easily dismantled for recycling or re-purposed as well as repaired and stands as a reconciliation of a strong visual aesthetics combined with ethical manufacturing processes.