The company we keep investigates Indian Pidgin English (IPE), which is a grammatically simplified form of language. Through researching transcripts, journals, and theorists as well as the dialect of my family, my IPE research interprets and converts the altered structures, reduplication, reduction, and addition into details such as, added and omitted seams, double cuffs, asymmetric lapels as well as reduplication through layering.

Each garment in this collection represents an element of IPE to produce informed and cohesive designs. My look one trench coat was initially inspired by the angarkha and the kediyans. By referencing the silhouette and detailing of traditional Indian garments I combined aspects of British tailoring such as the collar revere to create a contemporary look. The IPE is embraced through the asymmetric storm flap and the added sleeve panel as well as the cord tied sleeve cuff to reflect addition and restructure. I was carefully selective with colour and fabrication by using technical nylon in a dusty blue to refrain from my garments being categorised as traditionally British or Indian attire.

Selective colours and fabrication such as lightweight linens, wool, cotton poplin, technical nylon, viscose cotton, and duchess satin. In colours of chocolate browns, stone grey, dusty blue, cotton white with a muted lime green and accented with blood orange and burnt sienna allows the collection to refrain from being categorised as either British or Indian attire. Instead, it reflects on globalisation, designed for a customer whose travels, and experiences have shaped their personal style and sense of self.