Ayida Solé’s collection was inspired by the female form. The collection, entitled Black Body, uses the astrophysics term “Black Body” as a metric for color and the societal understanding of the term to create staple pieces for all women.

Having moved to Paris for her final year of studies, Ayida Solé felt compelled to understand the experience of Black women in Paris who came before her. From the ridicule of Sarah Baartman to the celebrity of Josephine Baker, she learned that the Black female body has always been a topic of discussion whether positive or negative. However, often times, the women with curves and women who wanted curves were not always accounted for within the fashion industry. In studying the sensual parts of the female form and the aspects that women love to highlight, she was able to create a graph from which to base her design process.

The collection is heavily driven by curves and deep hues. Each piece either accentuates the natural curves of the wearer or gives the illusion of curves through its silhouette. Ayida Solé’s design address a huge underserved portion of the market, while also being universal. The final products are timeless statements that empower the female form.