Ayşe’s collection is mainly inspired by the mystical relationship between objects and humans. Besides her passion for collecting materials, she is also interested in the construction of cabinet of curiosities, the human subconscious, memory and the psychological phenomena called Pareidolia. Her aim was to create a dream-like narrative constructed with different objects each having a personified character inspired by history and mythology. Her collection is a representation of each character through the expression of their faces and eyes.

During the process of putting together different materials and building up her story, Ayşe developed her collection by merging man-made and natural such as stones, fossils and ancient clock fragments, representing the eclectic nature of her style and the coherence of different materials.  For this collection, Ayşe has mostly used the techniques of stone carving and inlay, creating thirteen different characters inspired by the mythologies of different cultures. By incorporating the idea of a cabinet of curiosities and the eclectic nature of materials, Ayşe created a collection which includes amulet necklaces, rings, earrings and hand-pieces also to be able to refer to different cultures, traditions and symbols.

The collection has a unified theme, yet each piece comes with a different personified character, name and a description. Ayşe's collection tells a story of how each material has been reconstructed through the maker’s point of view and represents the possible symbolism, meaning and the relationship of collected and owned objects with humans. As a conclusion, Ayşe has created an eclectic collection of cult jewellery which has a close connection with history and memory that reflects the coherence of contemporary and ancient, natural and man-made.