The brand 'B SLASH B' was launched by ANNIE EUNBYEOL CHOI in Seoul, South Korea in 2017. After Choi's graduation, she has committed herself entirely into the fashion industry, and her graduate collection has rapidly gained a significant level of media attention and press exposure, through the Graduate Talent Programme of Fashion Crossover London. She has brought to the fashion industry a breathe of fresh air, through her high end tailor made but yet contemporary Menswear signature design style.

The brand 'B SLASH B', where the slash represents a comma, a subtle implication of how clothing should constitute to a relaxing break, especially for constantly engaged individuals in the modern world. Her design is based on her study in the Menswear course of London College of Fashion, where she gained an in depth insight into the different nature of a variety of fabrics and material. She later applied this specific set of knowledge vividly on to her pieces created under 'B SLASH B'. Besides from her academic study in London, Choi has also gained work experience from ADYN and Nicomede, where she has learned to crystallise her conceptual ideas into actual realities.

Having gained a wide array of international experience and vision, Choi is now based in Seoul, continuing to develop her story with "B SLASH B", as a testimony to what she has witnessed and learned in Europe.