BAILLIE CELENE, a concept jewellery brand that works with glass to create original jewellery.

The Bubble Collection consists of pieces that were created to emulate the beauty of iridescent and delicate bubbles. Each piece is created with hand blown glass beads that are blown with a pearlescent finish on the inside. This is what gives them the realistic shimmery effect that you see in real-life bubbles.

Their inspiration comes from the colours and patterns seen in the natural world, particularly insects and aquatic life. They have always been drawn to iridescence and how the wing of a butterfly or shell of a beetle can change depending on the light and angle you see it from. Additionally, Celene likes to incorporate realism in her work and create jewellery that is quite literal. When imagining the idea of bubble jewellery, she dreamt of earrings that could look like a real cluster of bubbles falling from someone’s ear.

There are four things Celene strives for when creating her jewellery and to diversify her brand from others: originality, sustainability, high quality and affordability. She aim to create statement, artistic pieces, made with high quality materials that are designed to last.