Barbara’s collection ‘UTOPIA’ is inspired by the architecture of Russian constructivism and the era of the Soviet Union, focusing on the society and the construction of it as well as social norms at that time. As constructivist artists were focused on construction, the collection is built with different shapes of silhouettes representing the variety of buildings and their specific shape and function.

As the colour was a significant aspect of constructivist architecture, the collection is printed with a variety of different prints, and its complemented with bold colours. Constructivism desires to express the experience of modern life, hence UTOPIA is approaching new innovative shapes and bringing them into life with the feeling of modernity and sophistication.

The collection has a unified theme, yet each piece which comes is different and unique with a particular print and colour block combination. Barbara's design tells a story of how old buildings full of history can transmute and give life to current fashion. The resulting end products demonstrate the impression of power and boldness, between contemporary civilisation and the legacy.