Beatrice ’s collection seeks to increase awareness of skin diseases such as Freckles, Vitiligo, Wine Stain Birthmark and Nevusofota, and to help people with these skin conditions to appreciate their imperfections in a positive sense and transform these ‘defects’ into strength and beauty. Another concomitant the objective is to promote skin diseases as normality in society and fashion.

Beatrice decided to focus this collection on fabric and textile rather than a silhouette because she aimed to represent the gowns and the skin as similar as possible. She have created the embroidery using different colours of threads and laces.

The embroidery and embellishment are both inspired by the characteristics of these skin conditions, following the shapes and the colours of skin disease. However, Beatrice also used semi-transparent latex to indicates 'perfect' skin and to emphasis a contrast between the two fabrics. The comparison was created to illustrate the idea of how skin imperfections could be strongly more attractive than perfect skin.