{ The quality of being easily broken or damaged. ]

We standing in reality, we existing in this world filled with imperfections and impermanent.

Through your eyes. Through these lenses.

A vision in a dream.

A fragmentation.

You see the world as it truly is.

All that SOLIDITY.


Prince Gautma, The Buddha, was protected from worldly imperfection within the protection of his palace by his father. He once escaped that false world to see the world as it truly is, and realised that nothing is perfect or permanent.

There is a Buddhist saying:” See your glasses already broken

... means to visualise.

I see eyewear not only a functional accessary, but also spiritual thing that carries a person’s dynamic individuality. The detachable spectacles can satisfy customers’ creativity to hook or de-hook the frames by themselves to discover the interests by self-assembly the frames.

For people who have selective eyes with dynamic individuality.