Beichen Guan’s collection, inspired from the star pattern of “emoji ” that people easily can understand, into those teeth whitening products and tools. In a entertaining way to show people just like her, try so hard to whiten their teeth because of the aesthetic feeling pressures from society. The human tooth has evolved since the ancient age. Dental development in the modern world is a milestone that every person has to undergo in child development. But in the contemporary consumer culture, dental treatment has always been “cosmetic”, concerned with aesthetics as much as function. In this project, she used her own dental surgeries as the starting research and trying to understand how dentist design the treatments regimen to each patients. Without any judgments of the dental industry. She described the progress of detail surgery by using her inspired way to present the idea of modern surgery.

Teeth whitening culture is been exist long time since the technology develop so fast, people always wishing themselves have the exactly same shinning teeth like those hollywood stars, but some of the region in Asian assume black teeth is a also a way to show aesthetic perception. Even nowadays, they still keep those traditional way of painting peoples teeth to show social status. Also inspired from the star pattern of “ emoji ”, the patterns are super strong and iconic, it is the new humor modern language for people sharing thoughts and feeling with their friends and society.

Beichen use pearl as a metaphor of human teeth. Each cultured pearl is unique, and she find it fascinating how we can use these water-made species in our jewellery. They are subtle but have a beautiful glaze with their skin like colours. To discovered about working with pearls, she find out they are extremely fragile, that there are so many different types of pearls, and that they shouldn’t be regarded as a conservative jewel. She using the unique of pearls to describe the teeth whiting industry in her way, a “disguised advertising” for teeth whitening. Using graduated color to represent the different aesthetic varieties of subcultures related to the teeth whitening. The collection using humor modern language to show her understanding of aesthetic perception in different regions and cultures about teeth whitening, also the personal old feeling she have from those teeth whitening product and tools.