My BA Graduate collection “Depths” was inspired by the vast shapes and textures within the depths of the Grand Canyon, and by the colours and tones of insects trapped in Baltic amber. I wanted to create a collection that highlight our relationship to nature and convey the message that we must stop damaging our world.

Using my photographs of Baltic amber and the Grand Canyon, I created collages that helped me create knitted textures and garment designs. As a womenswear knit designer, I created multiple knitted textures from very light to heavy, using natural and synthetic yarns, experimenting with wool felting and paint. My textiles and collages represent the world surrounding us by its beauty, fascinating shapes and spectacular colours.

Through my love for texture and materials I have played with combining different knitted techniques such as dragon teeth, drop stich and tucking in order to transform traped insects forms and canyon shapes as well as create an elegant base which helped me further to manipulated different organic structure.

This is my final collection line up. Due to the corona virus pandemic, I was only able to create few looks of my collection, and I would really loved to create the rest of them one day. My graphic final line up illustrations have been made to look like models are dancing and moving around to reflect the feelings of the wind, rain and sun.