Meaningful movement, Natural habits, And Intuitive behaviour. Derived from the German term, meaning a longing to travel to a place where you feel at home, Bethany’s debut Graduate collection ‘Heimweh’ looks at traditional nomadic qualities in a contrast to a modern society. Exploring the time-honoured lifestyle, the pulls of life and a new evolution of nomads, driving the urge to re-nature and trust our instinct in, the tech driven world of today. Analysing the differentiation between a contemporary lifestyle and traveling to the inner cities and a contrasting approach of living from the land self-sufficiently. As part of the nomadic art movement, Joseph Beuys aids Bethany’s research in understanding the connection of the nomad and the natural world.

Inspired by this way of life, and the idea of how nomadic societies affix possessions to their own body’s and animals when moving, Bethany explored the idea of clipping elements on to the body- merging garments with accessories to develop interchangeable looks. Also inspired by Iain Mckell’s New gypsies’ photography series, Bethany develop an understanding of the new wave of modernized nomads and developed a folded element to her garments through drape and experimentation. Exposed contrast pocket bags sit between the folds to highlight the notion of bundling belongings and activity. Bethany considered everyday tasks, silhouettes and inanimate objects of the nomadic people to inspire shape and structure whilst acquiring fabric and colour inspiration from their authentic surroundings.

Bethany’s entire collection is screen printed and foiled by hand, a total of 28 individual pieces including accessories. She developed print and colour through exploring a personal meaning to travel and global movement, her print design represents grid mapping throughout her own life, reflecting on a modern nomadic quality. The 2 print designs, printed onto exquisite silks and wool crepe, symbolise an importance of re-naturing our busy city lifestyles.