With a keen eye for upcycling and zero waste method, Bianca Christina is a recently graduated Womens designer based in Singapore and Indonesia.

Until Summer 2020, when Bianca was pursuing her BA in Fashion Design at Coventry University, she had always been focused on how to encourage the move away from fast fashion and toward sustainability.

Carnivale is a ready-to-wear collection for spring-summer 2021. My collection is inspired by the Winter Wonderland Carnival in London and it inspired me to make a collection that can bring happiness when people are just looking at it.

Initially, My designs for Carnivale are inspired by this fun portrayal of a clown, which is vivid in colour, prints and patterns that brings the idea of joy and happiness. However, as my research progressed, I realized that a clown makes people laugh and cheers them up, yet they might not always be happy themselves.

This was based on Bernard Buffet’s famous paintings about clowns, that was painted based on his own features. The portrayal of the clown was a way for Buffet to embrace and express freedom. To put on mask after mask was to cope with the dreariness of social existence. Through my collection, I hope that people can find happiness and optimism, especially through these trying and difficult time period.