Bihan Lin's graduate collection 'Enter The New Graphic Reality' was inspired by the illusional passage of time. The collection begins with the designer's feeling as opposed to traditional research; Bihan's process is holistic, starting with random photography captured on the street: The accumulation of objects, the reflections - Nothing is on purpose but instead collected by 'time' is the core of the concept.

Bihan's collection is set in a graphic world, as she comes from a photographic background. Everything is in solid vivid colours, with sharp, bold shapes. The designer used secondhand clothes and accessories from her parents as the basis for her designs. The camera Lens bag corresponds to the idea of travelling, capturing time.

Patterns are enlarged and distorted, mixing them with off-cuts dead stock jersey, wool, and tailoring fabric. With the contrast of the most sheer and most opaque fabric: A dress has been outlined with a black frame; A skirt was caught between legging-shorts.

A suit has reduced to its most simplified graphic shape. Everything is recognizable yet hard to distinguish; Bihan wants to bring the new graphic reality.

Bihan's final collection lineup.