The style of Bo Na’s work is inspired by ancient metal working techniques. I am particularly interested in ancient Etruscan and Egyptian jewellery as well as art culture. in particular I am interested in their use of the ancient technique of ‘Granulation’.

My particular interest came when researching the pattern and repetition found in ancient art and my main aim soon became to capture ‘the audacity of simplicity’ of ancient pattern. Paradoxically, I find that the intricate and complex ancient technique of granulation is a perfect means of depicting and capturing this simplicity due to its ‘building block’ nature. In the same way ancient mosaic or weaving, I aim, with my development of a two colour, silver and gold, granulation technique, to create and depict patterns reminiscent of antiquity in the simplicity and style.

By stripping down the form of my jewellery, and by constructing my work with entirely hand made and ancient techniques, I therefore aim to capture and celebrate the ‘essence’ of various aspects of ancient culture, by means of an adaptation of an ancient technique, within a contemporary collection of jewellery. I aim for my work to be of a high enough quality and to have its one unique visual identity.