Bobby Campbell is a Graduate Womenswear Designer and studied at the University Of Central Lancashire. Throughout her latest graduate collection she created a range of vibrant layered garments, made up from a variety of textiles and colour contrasting prints.

The inspiration for her collection came from a trip to many of India’s most stunning locations to gather her colour palette of sunset tones and bleached ocean shades. By creating her own CAD prints, and using them traditionally by transforming them into screen prints on a mixture of dyed natural fabrics.

Inspired by her love for feminine, flamboyant styles, she has developed ruffles and gathers throughout her collection, giving the garment an extravagant look when down the runway. She paired contrasting patterns and colours to create a variety of layers which complement each garment.

Bobby has always had an interest in textiles and print, she instantly began designing garments based with these techniques when designing for her graduate collection and previous projects.