The Founders

The Gemini Rebirth is an award-winning collection that remarkably serves as a sophisticated solution to the limitations in footwear, and the lack of flexibility in completed design outlines.

The unique 6-piece ensemble is constructed utilising key features such as a pointed-toe, interchangeable attachment, and 100mm heel to define the desired structure and allure. Embellished with care, the designs use clean-cut silhouettes and meticulous chrome closure mechanisms to translate the authenticity and ease with which each pair can be altered.

Designed to elevate the wardrobe of every daring shoe lover, The GR1 provides 3 chic ways the avant-garde design can be worn and offers up to 21 different possibilities when all 3 carefully selected colour tones are collected and interchanged. As a delicate composition of unconventional silhouettes, handcrafted premium materials, and exceptionally prioritised comfort, MOLLY’s first release, The GR1, tastefully exhibits the passion & intricacy embedded into these powerful forces of footwear.