Sirmoore collection F/W 2020 has an icon as the initial and central point of its inspiration: the english actor Sir Roger George Moore. The inspiration touches the most important points of the rise of the actor’s career during the whole decade of the 70s going through and retracing the most famous stages in which the icon was the protagonist: from The Saint, passing through The Persuaders and arriving to the legendary James Bond.

The volumes present a contrast between them : the lean lines of the’70s heyday are contrasted by much more comfy shapes inspired by 90s Tom Ford reinterpretations of same. Also the choice of materials is crucial to add a twist and modernise the style of the collection combining technical fabrics and haberdasheries ( nylon , neoprene, pression buttons, military belts) to the much traditional ones keeping faith on the period which the collection is inspired by.

For the final yaer project Brando Bizzotto had the chance to produce 6 outfit out of the 12 designed. The collection was judged and seleceted by a jury of professionals of the fashion world as one of the 10 best collection of Istituto Marangoni 2020.

Furthermore thanks to this achievement Brando Bizzotto was selected as one of the 10 best students of the year 2020.