A recent graduate from BA Fashion Contour (Hons) at London College of Fashion, Brenda Tamm has been creating latexwear for over four years now and set up her own brand, Insatiable Lust, in Autumn 2018. Inspired by couture fashion with influences from all around the world, the designer creates stunning latexwear for everyone and everybody. Made to be seen, her lingerie is meant to be taken out of the bedroom and into your everyday life! All items are lovingly handmade with the highest attention to detail at her London studio.

This couture collection is inspired by Japanese folklore creatures, Yokai. Each look is based on a different spirit, using different colour schemes.

The collection, titled Devious Desires, explores the relationship between femininity and sexuality, fantasy and reality, while encouraging viewers to question what real beauty means.

The bright red crystal encrusted look was inspired by a Yokai called Aka Manto, a red cloaked demon that inhabits school toilets, where he asks visitors whether they want blue toilet paper or red toilet paper. If they answer red, the victims will be either torn in half or stabbed to death. The flowing of the blood is represented by the deep red hues and blood red crystals. The second crystallised and chained transparent lilac outfit was inspired by Rokurokubi who are ordinary women by day but at nightfall turn into long necked creatures who love to lick lamp oil.

Yuki Onna was the inspiration for the icy white look. Yuki-Onna or the snow woman, feed on travellers who have lost their way in heavy snowstorms. They have white icy skin and the power to suck the life out of their prey. Featuring a unique three piece cup bra and a matching thong with a waist cinching waspie, this chained and crystal encrusted set will fascinate anyone that looks your way. The Marie Antoinette inspired chained and crystallised crinoline incorporates a unique construction method which has never been done from latex before.

Kappa features a skin-tight forest green latex dress paired with ruffle gloves and chained finger rings. The super low-cut back of the dress is fully chained and crystallised creating a stunning back detail. In Japanese mythology, Kappa are reptilian water demons who are known to be cheeky and devious creatures that like to drown their victims or bite them to death under water.