Brog was founded by Danieli Dutra in 2022. Danieli Dutra is a Brazilian designer with her heartbeat in Ireland and an Italian soul.

An exquisite, flamboyant fusion between history, design and Fashion led her to immerse herself in an exciting journey. Danieli has extensive design experience, from Central Saint Martins as a Jewellery designer in London.

Fascinated by shoes and the whole manufacturing and craftsmanship process involved in the footwear industry, Danieli embarked on a delightful journey. The authenticity of the designer’s patterns taught her the value of details in the creation process “Italy has an ancient flavor where the hand's skill is a gift. I am grateful to have the opportunity to immerse in the Italian secrets."

Danieli has followed the evolution of Denim from the 50s until nowadays and realizes how remarkable and powerful the history of Denim is in Fashion. The urge to follow her dreams and start her shoe label came to life, and she launched Bróg shoes. Bróg is the Gaelic - Irish word for shoe and reflects the Irish influences of the designer.