Circular and Spherical shapes are a key focus within the collection, influenced by various artists including Roy Lichtenstein, Damien Hirst and Yayoi Kusama which utilise repetition and geometric shapes within their work. Brooke has chosen to use techniques such as print and laser-cutting to replicate these predominant shapes within her own designs.

Through research, the designer developed an interest in all things colourful and wanted to introduce these vibrant tones into the collection. The colour palette is selected from photographs of contemporary artwork by KAWS, which was viewed at the artist’s Blackout exhibition. The bright colours also encapsulate the playful character of the garments and their influences.

Throughout the design process Brooke has focused on strong shapes and colours within her work. The use of scuba and neoprene fabrics has offered a more structural approach to garment making while offering vibrant colours through the use of sublimation printing. Varying weights of scuba and jersey intersperse the heavy neoprene to give a balanced approach to the collection, offering a juxtaposition between drape and definition.