Camilla Ceccardi’s collection starts with something personal and very close to who she is and her past. The starting point of the collection is based on a seasonal work that was very popular in the center of Italy between the 1800 and the beginning of the 1900, all the women that belonged to a low social class were called to go in the rice fields to work between April and June, the job was called “Monda” in Italian.

This type of job was really heavy, since all the women had to stay the whole day in the water with barefoot and curved back to remove the weeds that were growing in the fields and were disturbing the growth of rice seedlings. It was a very tiring job with real bad hygienic conditions, for this, in the rice fields of Molinella (a small Italian village) there were the first protests led by the women, in order to obtain better living conditions. With these protests they've been able to establish the rule of a maximum of 8 working hours in a day, and many others.


Ceccardi’s collection wants to underline the use of waterproof material, that is linked to the inspiration of the collection. Another important part is the meaning of the shapes of the clothes, that are took from the fact womens during the work were always rolling up the sides of their clothes, to make sure they didn't get wet. This collection is about strong women who fought together to make better changes, this is the story of girl power, attitude, independence, confidence, and empowerment.