With an artistic mother and a father in the stone industry, I was surrounded by art and architectural design since my early childhood. It is then that I became interested in the concept of design and pursued a degree in Interior Design and Spatial Design from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.

Having been in the field of interiors, it was on a visit of a fabricating factory in Hertfordshire where I discovered offcuts of beautiful pieces of marble, granite and quartz, being thrown away as rubbish. The sheer volume of this unwanted material alarmed me and I thought that we must do something to utilise these remnants. This is when Canary & Grey came to life. A studio designing stone accessories with clean lines and simplicity as its core focus. The idea was to let the stone itself shine and create pieces that belonged in any interior space depending on how you style it.

Attention to detail is what we pride ourselves in. All our pieces are sculpted from single pieces of stone, resulting in a seamless piece of design. With the use of innovative technology and meticulous hand finishing by our talented team, we give each and every piece that leaves our studio the same amount of care and attention, regardless of whether its crafted from an offcut or a brand new slab of stone.

The thought that our pieces reside in beautiful interiors rather than in a skip gives us immense pleasure. Today, now more than ever, it is imperative that each and everyone of us think about how we produce and what we are doing for the environment we live in. Offcuts were our answer and we are proud to produce the majority of our pieces from remnants of stone slabs.

We are also proud to be a British brand sourcing and producing solely in the United Kingdom.